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Empanadas De Pollo Homemade chicken and mushroom pasties served with rocket salad and tomato and chutney dip £5.50

Costillita A La BBQ Braised BBQ half rack of pork ribs served with salad and BBQ sauce £6.50

Sopa del Dia (V) Homemade soup of the day served with a crusty roll and butter £4.50

Empanadas de Carne Homemade beef and onion pastie with spicy mayonaise dip £5.50

Chorizo Parrillero Grilled spicy Spanish sausage served with chimichurri dip £5.50

Morcilla Parrillera Grilled bloodsausage (blackpudding) with chimichurri dip £5.50

Salchicha de Bife Grilled juicy beef and black pepper sausages with chimichurri dip £5.50

Picadita A platter of serrano ham,chorizo, sundried tomatoes, marinated olives, Stilton cheese and onion chutney £5.95

Champinones Gratinados (V) Sauteed garlic mushrooms,parsley,sweet onion and Parmesan topping £5.25

Langostita Empanada Hand breaded lobster bites and garlic mayonaise dip £5.75

Pate al Chorizo Rich pork and Spanish chorizo pate, served with wild rocket leaves, homemade onion chutney and melba toast £5.50

Bruschetta de Gambas Grilled focaccia bread topped with garlic and corriander king prawns and crushed avocado. Served with wild rocket salad and tomato chutney £6.95

Gambas de Buenos Aires King Prawns pan fried in garlic, coriander and olive oil £5.95